Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween had become my favorite US festival in the last few years (ever since I had Kabir) and one that I'm really missing this year. I used to enjoy planning and stitching Kabir's costume and getting together with friends for a Halloween party. Here's a picture of Kabir from last year as a little pumpkin which I realised I hadn't posted on the blog. This year, I would have had two little kids in costumes had we celebrated Halloween.

To Kabu's dear friends back in Portland - Srimayi, Sahil, little baby Eera, Shreyan, Vihan, Shriya, Arav, little baby Vahin, Arjun, Lilly and Lucy - wish you all a very happy Halloween! We miss you lots.

1 comment:

Gunjan said...

so cute aanya was a pumpkin too this year...chck her out!!

love to kabu n anu!!