Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good news!

For the last two years I have been hoping and waiting for the day when I could say this and today I'm absolutely THRILLED to report that Kabir has outgrown is dairy allergy! I started suspecting this a few months ago, when I realised he could eat dairy based chocolates without any problems. Gradually we started introducing more dairy in his diet. We had to be tactful though because Kabir has been conditioned to say no to anything that looks like milk, butter, yogurt or cheese. We tried home baked pizza with a tiny amount of cheese, eggless chocolate cake made with butter and then some khaman dhokla made with yogurt by his dadisa. Since he did great with all these, we offered him some icecream a few days ago. And finally, we had to bribe him this morning to try some plain yogurt. Encouraged by the results, we again bribed him in the evening to try some cheekoo-milk shake. He finished an entire glassful and announced that he liked it! We are SO happy and relieved! I do think he is still allergic to eggs (and potentially nuts) because he recently had a reaction to it, but I hope that with time that will go away too. For now, I am going giddy just thinking of the possibilities that await him - icecreams, kulfi, paneer, dahi-badas, cheesy pastas, eggless cakes, puff pastries, gulab jamuns, rasgullas and all the diwali sweets that he wants to have!


Gunjan said...

tht is awesome news!! treat him to loadsa naturals ice crm!! yumm yumm!

Megha Shenoy Kopikar said...

That is AWESOME! So happy for you guys :)

Nagaja said...

OMG that is SUCH good news!! I know exactly how relieved you are... I remember having tears in my eyes driving back from the allergist's office when we found out Anna had outgrown hers. Enjoy the moments!!