Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now I know my ABCs..

I would normally smirk at such a video if it were posted by someone else. But when it comes to our own child, we can't help being the typical desi parents! Here's a video of Kabu practicing his ABCs. Papa is a tough teacher (even if he forgets his own ABCs doing this!).

Bhavna's visit

Earlier last month we had some dear friends visit us from Seattle - Bhavna and Shashank. The sole purpose of their trip was to meet Kabir (To my other friends in Seattle and around: hint hint!).
Bhavna is just perfect at playing the aunt role -which she gets to practice quite a bit with her own niece Anaiya. She came with a whole lot of excitement, bags full of gifts, spoiled Kabir rotten, taught him a few things (he learnt to say "uncle" and "aunty" during their stay) and then was back to her envious carefree life! Here are some memories from the trip.

Kabu calling the shots

A stroll around the neighborhood
Showing off his new clothes
Waterfront Park

Icecream "Tuck"

Since I haven't posted in a while, I'm going to play catch-up in the next few posts.

This video one was taken about a month ago. We had an ice cream truck come into our neighborhood every evening this summer and Kabir loved to wave "tata" to the "tuck" everyday. The excitement was more due to the lovely music that the truck brought rather than the goodies that came with it.