Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Austrian get-away

After our successful trip to the NorthEast two years ago, we got a bit bolder and went for a longer vacation to Austria this month. Kids stayed with nana-nani for the 9 days that we were away. Other than a broken glass door in nani's house, everyone seemed to have done well. When we got back, many things were unrecognizable. Kids had new school bag, water bottles, sports gear etc. Kabir also had his term exams in school in the same week (which we didn't know about when we had planned the trip) and nani felt a dejavu going through third standard textbooks with him.

Our trip itself was fun. We spent three days in Vienna. The highlight was our day of cycling in the Wachau countryside (starting from Krems cycling along the Danube and through beautiful vineyards and apple orchards, stopping in the village Durnstein, a short hike there followed by a lot of wine and schnapps tasting along the way). We were in Graz for four days where Saurabh had a conference to attend and I did a lot of walking in the city. On the fourth day there we did a day hike to bärenschützklamm and schüsserlbrunn starting from a small village called Mixnitz which was absolutely gorgeous. Our most enjoyable day, however, was our last day (and night) with family in Laßnitzhöhe. Gerhardt and Huberta were wonderful hosts and Peter took us around and shared many stories. We missed having the boys with us especially in Laßnitzhöhe. Hopefully, there will be a second time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Anu as little Krishna for Janmashthmi celebrations in school
Thanks to Seema aunty for dressing him up