Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ravanayana - videos

We hope to have the full recorded version online soon. But in the meantime, some parts:

Ravanayana by the Vaanar-sena acting company

The navrat time was spent by the kids rehearsing for the play "Ravanayana" - written and directed by Mallika Iyer who happens to be a super-talented mom from our neighbouring building. All parts of the play like acting, dancing, music (tabla), making of sets, invitation cards and posters were done by the kids. Most importantly, it was the kids' first real introduction to Ramayana (except for having read parts of it in different stories). The whole production began at Mallika's home where the kids would go to play to get a break from the rain. And Mallika, in her loving and patient style would answer the kids' questions on why we celebrate Navratri, Dashehra etc. What started with a simple story-telling first transformed into a play that Mallika wrote. Her idea of turning Ramayana (which we tend to see as very black-and-white) into something that is open to interpretation appealed naturally to the kids.
She held readings at her home where kids would ask questions ranging from whether Rama was right or Ravana to how did Kumbhakarna not go potty for 6 months :-). The kids are in the 3-10 age range and quite aptly called themselves the vaanar sena acting company!! Mallika shared videos and other relevant stories with kids and parents, and so the entire journey became a great experience. The idea of a simple play soon transformed into a full production when other enthusiastic parents pitched in to help with other aspects of the play.

Kabir played the part of Kumbhakarna and Anurag was Sugreeva.

One of the many invitation posters- this one was made by Advait G.

 The making of the sets
The making of masks 
Getting the right look
The final look

And the performance
 The vaanar sena dance



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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Papa's 65th birthday

Dushehra 2017

Dushehra Puja at nana-nani's house