Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Science Fair certificates

Kabir and some class mates with class-teacher Mrs. Veena Sharma (Class II-B)

Two months with dada-dadi

Dadosa-dadisa, who had been visiting for the last two months, left for Udaipur yesterday. Kabir had a month long vacation from school in March and spent much time playing chess and badminton with dadosa. Anurag played many pretend-games with dadosa (making imaginary phone calls to Ganpati, water supply waala etc.) and insisted on hearing new stories from dadisa everyday.

Flash back to Udaipur 2014

I discovered a whole set of photos taken by Saurabh from his camera during our December visit to Udaipur. These are three months late, but too good to pass up. Most of them capture the every-day stuff in and around dado-dadi's house.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A different point of view

Diving videos from Andamans Dec 2014

Finally got around to uploading these. The second one shows Kabir snorkling at the surface while I was about 30+ feet under water

Triathlon 2015

Continuing on the sports theme, yesterday a triathlon was held on campus. We participated in the team event- I had to swim 500m, followed by Kabir who bicycled 9km and finally Saurabh who ran 3km. It was a fun, fun event. We finished 14th, out of about 18 teams. We were the only all-family-team amongst all the teams which included student teams, kids-teams and above-40 teams.
Kabir was a star and got a huge applause from the crowd. The atmosphere was electric, and the after party went on till late! 

Team #150
 Going up slope (Pic courtesy: Pradeep Sarin)

The little champs
 A very special picture with Reddy sir - the person who's inculcated the love for swimming in three generations of our family - Anu/Kabir, me and my mother.

Swimmathon picture

Turns out we do have a photo of ours from last week's Swimmathon! Taken right after we finished.
(Kabir: 2k and Pooja 5k)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swimmathon 2015

Kabir and I registered for the swimmathon in IIT this Friday. We participated mostly to be a part of the festive event and didn't plan to swim for very long (minimum time required was 1 hour - max 12 hours). But we ended up swimming from 9pm to 12am and had a whole lot of fun! There was music, snacks, cheering crowd and great weather for swimming (hot!). Between the two of us, we swam a total of 7km. I swam more than twice the distance that Kabir swam (though less than thrice). How much did each of us swim? ;)
Regardless, it was a great achievement for Kabir. The life guards were cheering for him on the microphone egging him on. Unfortunately, no photos :(

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Holi 2015

Pictures from our favourite festival - Holi.
Holika dahan was celebrated in our building on Thursday evening. Holi (dhuleti) was on Friday. We started by first playing in our building, had the community breakfast there and then proceeded to Staff Club for chai, pakora, jalebis, live drums, dancing and a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly - Anurag was fearless this time and Kabir with his pichkari was a force to reckon with!

Anu's 5th!

Celebrated at home with friends and family (including both sets of grand parents). Special surprise was a visit by Bhatta and Sonya from Portland.

Friends for life

R, A and K after Saturday soccer practice
Photo courtesy: Aditi Kothiyal