Saturday, May 14, 2016

Summer plays and workshops

The gang of the usual suspects posing with Mowgli after the Jungle Book 2 play at Prithvi  today (Photo Courtesy: Swaroop G.). This was their third play in the past 2 weeks as we parents took turns taking them to Prithvi. The other plays they saw were "Breadcrumbs" (rated BAD by the kids), followed by "Happy Birthday" which had them in splits and finally Jungle Book 2 today which was a super hit with them (rated even higher than the movie!). 

The same group of kids also went for a week long pottery workshop organised on campus. 
This was all in addition to the swimming camp and the usual weekend football. We also managed to finish all our holiday homework from school and are finally ready to leave for a 2.5 week vacation!

We leave for London early tomorrow morning and are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. One grand highlight is certainly going to be the H10 Spice Girls  reunion in Lisbon from May 18-22nd. Can't wait to see you all!