Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gods and Gravity

Kabir's recent question to Saurabh - If Gods live up in the sky, why don't they fall?

My little airplane

Kabir had a fancydress competition in his school two weeks ago. There was no question about what he wanted to be - a bright little airplane! And I was on board as soon as I found the costume idea here. It took us three days to get the whole thing together, and Kabir's excitement had to be seen to be believed!
Kabu trying out the airplane at home

On the stage....the airplane faces some turbulent weather :-)

No prizes were won, but much fun was had by all in creating this costume. Kabu announced that he loves his airplane and didn't want to come out of it. Now the costume is used by both Anu and Kabu who take turns flying in our hallway!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kabir turns 4!

We celebrated Kabir' 4th birthday with much excitement. This was the first time when he already knew what to expect and the expectations were certainly quite high! Countdown for the day began a week earlier and my preparations started 2 weeks in advance with practice cakes and trial frosting. Eventually I had to give up on the idea of baking his birthday cake as there was no way I could manage a 3kg cake in my small oven. I finally made up for it by baking lots of chocolate chip cookies for give-away to all the kids in the party.

The morning of the birthday started with a whole lot of excitement. I had taken the day off and we went around distributing chocolates to all friends in Staff hostel (including Anu's favourite doggie Ronaldo). Also stopped by Sishu Vihar where all kids sang "happy birthday" to him and he happily distributed sweets. Nani dropped in before school time and brought a lovely kurta for him which he promptly wore before leaving for school (with another box of chocolates to be distributed). The birthday party was in the evening and he had a whale of a time getting together with all his friends yet again and being the center of everyone's attention.

The birthday fever continued for days after the birthday as he opened his presents over the next few days. Kabir says he can't wait for his next birthday. And I think time needs to slow down!

More birthday pics to be uploaded on FB soon

Thursday, February 23, 2012

updates and Anu's new haircut

There is much to update on since the last time I posted: Anu's first professional haircut, hanging out with the two kids while Saurabh has been travelling like crazy (first to the US, followed by Calicut and now Rajashthan), celebrating Kabir's 4th birthday and all the related baking mania, his fancy dress at school, his first picnic at school and so on.

Will start with posting a picture of Anu's new look (well, now about 3 weeks old).

Here's his old look and I must say I was sad to have his long soft hair chopped. I think I'm going to let his hair grow long again.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kabu wisecracks

Kabir is reciting a poem he learnt at school and forgets the words halfway through. Tries to search for words and when he can't recall, promptly says- "now there will be a break for advertisements!"