Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hare and the Tortoise - Retold by Kabir

I asked Kabu to tell me a story and he decided to tell the "Hare and the Tortoise" story (he refers to the hare as "Gogol khargosh"). Ofcourse he takes his own creative liberty with the story. I discovered that he is a good storyteller with great expressions and actions, but can easily get distracted. Enjoy! :-)


Abha said...

haa haa...Loved it!!!
Love the way he comes up with his creative additions about baarish and what not! :)

anshu said...

pooja.. saw it a couple of times already :).. lovely actions and expressions from kabu..

Anonymous said...

Hail !! Master story teller !! :-)

We've watched this video soooo many times now, and have occasionally taken to speaking in Kabir-speak ...."chuOTa sa". "Gogol khargosh" is a gem :-)
@1:05, and @1:25, kitni naazuki se "dheere dheere" bayaan kiya gayaa hai. waaaah !! :-)