Sunday, November 7, 2010

Travelling to Udaipur

I spent the last three weeks in Udaipur with the kids. We had a big Diwali celebration there and took lots of pictures that I will post soon. This trip had a lot of firsts - first Diwali for Anu, first Diwali crackers for Kabir and the first Indian train ride for the kids (on our return journey).

It was also the first time I flew alone with the kids (Mumbai-Udaipur). They were surprisingly well behaved. I was VERY impressed with Mumbai's domestic airport, especially with how kid-friendly it is! In this regard it beats most US airports hands-down. They had a play area for older kids and a nice and clean mother's room with very helpful staff. Here's a picture of Anu napping in the mother's room (since we had some time to kill at the gate).

More pictures from the trip coming soon :-)

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