Saturday, October 9, 2010

7 month update

Anurag completed seven months yesterday. There has been an explosion in his activities in the last month. He's become increasingly alert and doesn't want to miss any action. He's now rolling both ways and getting very good at grabbing objects. He's also getting good at annoying Kabir by constantly trying to touch and grab his toys. He can sit unassisted for a about half a minute before tumbling head over heels!

He's now started teething and I suspect we'll see a few pearly whites appear pretty soon. We have started feeding him 2 to 3 solid meals everyday. His favorite food includes papaya with milk, papaya with banana and papaya just by itself. He also likes cheeku milk shake and simply loves Natural's icecream (Pediatrician recommended!). We've already introduced yogurt and are glad that he isn't showing any signs of dairy allergy.

With all these changes, Kabir is suddenly finding Anurag to be a lot more fun. It is lovely to watch them interact and even play with each other!

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Abha said...


Anu is begining to look just like Kabu..
Very cute pics..I see he is getting nicely pampered..