Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sand and beach

This weekend, for the very first time since we had Kabir, we had the opportunity to spend a weekend away from home. Some close friends of ours had rented a cabin at Seaside and we decided to join them. Our friends were nice enough to take care of everything - so all we needed to take with us was the stuff we needed for Kabir (which was enough to fill the car).
Kabir actually enjoyed his time away instead of being bothered by a new place and I got a much needed break from my routine. The highlight of the trip was the time we spent on the beach. The weather was perfect - which made all the difference. Here are some pictures of Kabir enjoying his first experience on a beach.

He started with a power nap (all wrapped up next to Nani)

Then he couldn't take his eyes off the sand

This is what sand feels like


Taking some steps with mommyA family pic

Thanks again to our great friends who made this trip possible. Lets hope there will be many more to come!

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