Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh what a night!

I've been having one difficult night after another for the past few weeks- and last night topped the charts. I am baffled by why Kabir keeps waking up at night. In the best case scenario he wakes up every 2 hours, and in the worst case scenario, he'll start whimpering within 10 mins after we think we've put him to sleep. Saurabh & I have been trying to do a root cause analysis and address every possible issue that we can think of. Is he hungry at night? Is it a wet diaper? Gas? Should we make him stay up till 10pm so he gets really tired and sleeps well? Or maybe put him to bed early so he isn't tired and sleeps well? Have him sleep with us on the bed so he's cozy? Or in a bassinet next to our bed so he's not disturbed by us? We have thought of all these possibilities and tried to address each one. In fact, last night we thought we had done everything right. He had a good meal for dinner. We gave him his homeopathy teething tablets (just in case this is teething related). Gave him some gripe water (in case he has gas). I even went to the store and bought a bag of disposable diapers to test if these diapers would make him feel drier and hence help him sleep better (that's right - I feel somewhat guilty about this. I did get the "chlorine-free" disposables - which still have other chemicals/gels so really not that great afterall). But the result was a slap on the face. Kabir kept us up more than he has in the past few days combined. And I am left clueless.
For the last 7 months, we've tried to take this in our stride and not get too worked up when this happens. We figured babies go through these phases, and everything will be fine when he reaches the next milestone (i.e. starts eating solids, gets through teething etc.). But this approach has left me tired and exhausted. I need a better solution to keep my sanity (and my daytime job!). For now, I'm going to call the Pediatrics' office to schedule an appointment. I'm ready to try anything and everything.


Abha said...

oh no! This does not sound good. I was convinced the disposable would work.

I hope the ped has some good adivce

Shiva said...

Sorry to know that you are having problem as Prakhar is not sleeping well. Well that is what is life. When you feel that you have done everything fine, things do not work out. Later when you feel, you have taken no special care, everything seems to be perfect. This fact is true for all aspects of life. the only thing I assure you that keep your cool, things have to work out.