Monday, September 15, 2008

crawl baby crawl

Yesterday, after Kabir got up from his afternoon nap, he knew how to crawl. It was almost "digital" in nature. He couldn't crawl more than a step or two upto yesterday morning and after his nap, out of the blue, he knew exactly what to do.

Here he if he's been doing this all along:


now all he needs to do is to work on his landing :-)


Abha said...

This is totally cool..Must have felt so cool. It's amazing how quickly they grow up..I remember just a few months ago you had put up a post on how he started rolling and now he's already crawling...
kafi cool hai

Gunjan said...

so cute!!!..bachara kaise ludak gaya rukte hue!! of kisses to him!

Nandita said...

Wow he already looks like a pro at crawling. The little one is growing up soo fast.