Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 Professions he'll be great at

1. Watchman
Ofcourse. It is amazing how alert and curious Kabir is. He constantly scans his surroundings and needs to check out the source of every sound and movement. I often sit on our front porch with him and his favorite pass time is to observe cars coming in and out of homes. He does not take his gaze away until the object is completely out of his sight. No matter whether he's eating, playing, sleeping or anything else, if there is a sound or change in co-ordinates of any object in his surrounding, there will be an equal and opposite reaction from him.
2. Night Watchman
But ofcourse. The later it is in the night, the more alert he is. Alas.
3. Singer
He is a very good singer already. My singing is not good enough for him, so he likes to sing himself to sleep.
4. Drummer/tabalchi
We've seen how he's picked some of that from his father. He even has the hair-do for the right look.
5. Excavator
He will leave no stone unturned. Literally. That's my experience from all the park visits.
6. Actor
He can cry one second and laugh the next. Can act like he is upset just to make you hold him!
7. Food critic
He has some talent for making faces (remember the spinach episode?). He'll certainly make one hard-to-please food critic.
8. Electrician
This is his most recent hobby. He's fascinated by electric cords and all electric/electronic equipment. He's even had experience trying to stick his finger into an electric outlet.
9. Paper Shredder
Ok I know thats not a real profession, but its something he has a ton of experience with. His repertoire includes not just paper, but also magazines, books and paper mail.
10. Baba Ramdev's substitute
No explanation required here I think :-)


Shiva said...

Can't you hit opon some more decent professions/ comparisons for my Golu. Here is my bit of attempt
1. Security Advisor to the Government.
2. Workaholic burning midnight oil.
3. Next generation Bhimsen Joshi.
4. Next generation Kishan Maharaj.
5. Civil Engineer.
6. A Diplomat.
7. Hotel owner.
8. Elecrical Engineer.
9. A Great Intellectual.
10. A person with great physique.
11. And Finally a Physics Professor having all the above qualities :).

Abha said...


loved uncle's list above :)

bhavna said...

Kabu is too versatile! Even I loved uncle's list:)