Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bad hair day(s)

There are two things that most people comment on when they meet Kabu for the first time. The first is his eyes and the second, his hair. People are usually polite, so most people only say - "and look, he's got so much hair!". But I've also got other comments like "nice hairstyle. Crew cut?" and "tapori (funky) hairstyle!". And its true. He does have a rather funky hair style. Though I don't think it was as crazy when he was born. As I was delivering him, the very first thing the doctor had said to describe him was "oh look, so much hair!"

Born with a lot of hairHowever, he lost quite a bit of his hair in the first few months when he developed a cradle cap.Left with little hair at ~2.5 months (and that's malai on his face)Once this phase got over, his hair bounced right back (quite literally)
And it started growing in multiple directions

so much that it started getting into his eyes

Here are some of his stylish poses

That's his "back combing" style

And this must have been a "shampoo day"

He has expressive eyes, and expressive hair :-)

Didn't I say expressive hair? That's the "I'm the King" expression

Thats his "good boy" lookAnd here's a better look from the back!

With his hair growing by leaps and bounds (in selective areas), the thought of trimming it a little has certainly crossed our minds. However, it turns out that our family practice is to not give the first born his first hair cut before he's five years old. That's right. Not even a hair trim. Picture him in five years without any hair cut :-) So yes, I'm not sure if I'm such a big follower to actually wait that long. What do you think? I'd love to get some opinions - please let me know what you think using the poll on the side panel.

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