Monday, June 30, 2008

When panic strikes

This past Saturday, we had another "first -time" event with LittleTiger. This time a scary one. He was getting his daily massage with home-made ghee, and his skin suddenly develop an irritation/allergic reaction. His entire diaper area became red and big white bumps started forming all over. All within a space of minutes.

We have been using ghee for his massage for many months now without any problems. But this time we had him sit in one of his new plastic toy seats before giving the massage. Some chemical on the seat in combination with the massage had probably caused the reaction.

I panicked so much that I was ready to call 911. Thankfully, I had more sensible people around me. LittleTigers's Papa was calm and could still think straight. He suggested that we give him a bath since water should wash away the irritant. We quickly placed him in the kitchen sink and hosed him with the shower connected to our kitchen tap. For the next one hour Papa rocked him in his arms, while I called the doctor's office. Since it was a weekend I had to wait for the advice nurse to call me back. And when she did, she gave me the exact same advice - give him a bath! She suggested that we add some baking soda to his bath. Apparently, baking soda neutralizes acids on the skin and washes away oil and perspiration. She also had another suggestion - to wash any plastic before we use it for our baby (and now I hate plastics even more).

Fortunately, LittleTiger's skin was already better by the time the nurse had called. He seemed happy again - as if nothing had happened. Later, when I had the time to think, I was very surprised at how I had reacted. I was nothing close to the strong and composed mother I had expected myself to be. Only a minor allergic reaction had caused me to burst into tears. I know there will be a lot of ups and downs to be witnessed in the future. I only hope that I will be able to develop the strength to support myself as well as LittleTiger through them.


Shiva Prasad said...

First time there is always anxiety. I remember how much worried we were when you had fever for the first time, vomitting for the first time and severe stomachache for the first time. Later we slowly realized this is a part of the growing up of the baby and we got used to it. Fortunately you have readily available medical help. So do not worry.

Bidisha said...

I agree with uncle. About a few months ago, SS coughed and vomitted through the night. We kept giving her water. I wasn't too worried at first as I thought it might be a case of food poisoning. But in the morning, a bit of blood came out with the vomit, and then it happened 3 more times. By then I was frantic and crying. Thankfully, Kartik was calm and we took her to emergency (yeah, it always happens on a weekend!) By god's grace, everything turned out okay at the end!