Thursday, June 26, 2008

Does he know me yet?

The first couple of months after he was born, LittleTiger showed little interest in life around him. He went about his normal routine of sleep, eat, poop, play without being bothered about the people in his life.

With time, he started getting more responsive. He started smiling at people and got restless when he found himself alone. But at the same time, he would go to strangers easily and not seem to mind them. He is still more or less at the same level though I think he has now developed some preferences. For example, he is always very easily amused by his Dadaji. Just a little action from Dadaji can make him laugh and gurgle. While the rest of us can try the best of our tricks and still not get the same response. Yet, he is fine in his own world even if he doesn't see Dadaji (or for that matter me) for the whole afternoon. He hasn't got to a point where he would consciously express a desire to go to a particular person. Sure, he does turn towards me with an open mouth when he's hungry but that doesn't count because that's his natural instinct.

But this morning, for the first time, I thought he made an action to indicate that he wants to come to me (when he wasn't hungry!). I could be imagining it, but I would like to believe thats what happened. He was playing with his Dadaji and suddenly started crying. Dadiji picked him up and started to rock him. When he wasn't pacified, I went near him. When he saw me, he stretched his arms a little and pushed his body weight towards me. I took him in my arms and he seemed pacified! I never thought such a basic action could be such a heart warming experience for me! Again, I could be imagining the whole thing but I hope that this is a start of a new type of bond between us. It could also be the start of new troubles like stranger anxiety, but I know it'll be well worth it!

Update: I went back to play with LittleTiger in a short break from work. And as I went forward to pick him up from Dadiji's arms, he turned away! So I guess I had imagined the whole thing afterall!

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