Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday wishes

Some friends have complained that LittleTiger's Papa is conspicuously missing from the blog. Well, today happens to be Papa's birthday! So this one is a special post capturing some of my favorite papa-beta pictures taken so far.

Tired looking Papa holding baby soon after he was born.

I love this picture. Can't decide who is more amazed to see the other.

A lazy weekend afternoon

Massage time with Papa

Love his tiny fingers & feet next to Papa's arm

Thoughtful father and son

Enjoying the fountain outside the waterfront village

Waterfront village mela

Enjoying dopaher ki dhoop in our back patio

main, mera beta aur mera laptop

Happy Birthday to Papa from LittleTiger and Mommy!


bhavna said...

Happy Birthday Little Tiger's papa!:) Very very cute papa-beta pictures...great job with the selection, Little Tiger's mommy!

shaifali said...

its so interesting to read your blogs pooja..its as if we are there witnessing the events as little tiger is growing..and it seems that mummy -papa are also growing in their own ways with their little wonder!i infact now from time to time, open your blog to see whats the latest development on the kabbu front!:))

Gunjan said...

lovely pics..tried to call you yesterday but there was no answer..neways wish saurabh a belated bday from our side!!