Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekend Outing

Last Saturday LittleTiger went for an outing into the city with Mommy and Mommy's friend who was visiting from NJ. Finally posting some pictures from the trip...courtesy Mommy's friend's iphone.

First stop was Pittock Mansion for a beautiful view of the city. Can you spot the snow - capped Mt Hood in the back?

Followed by a walk on the Willamette riverfront

We then cooled off at the waterfront park And then the best part: dinner & dessert at Papa Haydn!
LittleTiger had a lot of fun. He kept smiling at all the people waiting for their tables.

It was a fun fun trip! We dropped my friend back to her hotel and drove back home. It was the first time Mommy drove the car with the baby alone in the back seat. All the way back home, I kept singing his favorite song - chanda mama door ke- on the top of my voice so he would know that I'm around. I got some pretty strange looks from other drivers on the road but thankfully LittleTiger slept through the entire drive.

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Gunjan said...

looks like fun day!!!..lovely pics!!!