Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Bjorn out, Ergo Baby in

The Baby Bjorn carrier turned out to be a bad choice afterall. And it will go back in the mail to Amazon today. As many reviews on Amazon say, the issue with the Baby Bjorn is that your back needs to support most of the baby's weight. And the back starts hurting after some time. The other down side is that the Baby Bjorn does not have the option to carry the baby on your back, so it can't really be used on uphill hikes.

We visited Mother Nature's this weekend and tried a few slings/carriers. We decided to get the Ergo Baby Carrier. It allows the baby's weight to rest on your hip instead of the back. And it can be worn in at least three different configurations - with the baby in front, on the back and resting on your hip (side). It can be buckled in a snap unlike the Baby Bjorn that requires a fitting process. It also has a front pocket/zipper to hold small items. Overall, seemed to be a much better fit for our needs.

We tried it on our yesterday's trip to Cape Meares (will post more pictures from the weekend soon).

Hope this carrier lasts us longer than the last one!

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