Monday, July 28, 2008


We decided not to wait anymore. It had become obvious that LittleTiger was ready too. So this weekend, we had his annaprashan. There was no formal ceremony. Just a feeding of rice cereal from dadi's hands.

Watching him eat the cereal with such delight made me glad that we didn't wait anymore. He absolutely LOVED it and couldn't have enough of it!

I am excited and looking forward to him exploring the world of solid foods. I can't wait to start making little portions of boiled veggies and daals and fruits to feed him. In fact I just found out about a popular book Super Baby Food that's available in my local public library. So in a few days when LittleTiger's ready for a change of menu, I'll hope to have some delicacies ready for him (the kind of delicacy with no salt, sugar or spices)!

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bhavna said...

Calvin, welcome to the world of solid foods!:-)