Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A gift from home

We got a surprise package in the mail yesterday- and that too all the way from India from Nana-Nani! In the 8 years that I have lived away, I have NEVER received such a package from home. So it was truly a surprise. And it contained some really important stuff too.

Super cute cotton diapers for LittleTiger! Ofcourse, there were some other gifts for Mummy and Papa (his b'day gift!), but mostly a big bag of baby stuff. It reminded me of Nanaji's favorite quote - "mool dhan se byaaz zada pyaara hota hai"!

Ever since I was pregnant with LittleTiger, we had decided that we would do our best to be environmentally friendly parents. And as part of that decision, we had decided not to use disposable diapers. Since then, I have researched practically every type of cloth diapers that has a mention on the internet and have tried quite a few of them. Since many friends have since inquired about my findings, I intend to write about this in a separate post.

So long story short - desi diapers are some of the best. You'll be surprised at the range that is now available in India. And sooo affordable compared to the ones available here! I happened to say this same thing to Naniji, and the result was this package! Look how happy LittleTiger is..

look..i have a cute cute shirt and a happy happy bottom!


Shiva said...

Hey that quote is not originally from me and there is no question of that being my favourite. I only told that people say that but I do not believe in it. Regarding not sending something for you or Saurabh earlier, you never needed anything so badly. But I must admit Prakhar looks so cute and happy in that. Love

shaifali said...

surprises are always so good n coming from parents far away, makes each small thing so meaningful and revered ..even the diaper!!:)) nani-nanu are definitely missing their grandson..i won't be surprised if they planned the next trip soon:))