Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have a whole lot of stories and pictures to share from the last two months - Anurag's birthday celebrations, our family weekend outing, Kabir's new school and story of the two tiny pigeon chicks that hatched in our balcony. But for now, just a little teaser..


Anshu said...

lovely pic pooja.. you haven't updated in a long time (Look who's complaining ;))

Unknown said...

Finally, I see an update on your blog :). You are looking great!
This is from Smita.
Dont know why blogger calls me "unknown".

Pooja said...

Thanks Anshu and SmitaO. Its motivating to know that you're still looking for updates here. :-) Now I really must get my act together and post some updates.
What are you two upto? Anshu, please write an email and share some photos. O, I saw your pic on FB recently. You look better than ever!