Wednesday, May 29, 2013

off come the training wheels

Kabir had been begging me to get the training wheels off his bicycle for a long time now (he has been watching the older kids in the building ride their bikes). Yesterday I finally gave in. I took them off Anurag's bicycle first as I thought that it may be easier for Kabir to learn to balance on the smaller bicycle (his own bicycle is a bit too big and his feet don't touch the ground when he's seated) and Anurag graciously permitted us to do so. The very next moment Kabu was on the bicycle speeding away with no help from  me. He can now ride a bicycle...with no training wheels! Just like that! His excitement knows no bounds. He rode the bicycle around the campus last evening showing off to everyone he met. I should probably get the training wheels off his own bicycle now before Anurag starts complaining.

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