Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sr KG Annual Day

Kabir's KG school held its annual day in February, a few weeks before he graduated from Sr. KG. Each section performed a dance in which every student of the class took part. In addition to his class program, Kabir was part of the 'welcome song'. I am glad I found its video on youtube because this is one of those videos which will surely embarrass him no end when he grows up :-)

Some comments/observations:
1- In case you couldn't spot Kabir, he is the itchy flower - third one from left. (And no, they aren't dressed as colourful lions. They are supposed to be flowers.)
2. We all know that boys have really poor choices available in outfits compared to girls. But this is taking it to a whole another level!
3 - I'm not sure how these kids were chosen but I sincerely hope that it wasn't based on their musical abilities :-)

The link to his class performance (section C) is here, though he isn't in the frame most of the time:

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nosmoking said...

Children look good while performing these theater activities but it should be checked if it don't create additional burden on them and it should remain as fun activity only