Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anurag's 3rd birthday celebrations

We had twin celebrations for Anurag's third birthday in March. A small party at home followed by a weekend get-away with our close family friends to a resort in Manor.

The weekend outing to silent hill resort turned out to be absolutely perfect! The resort is in Manor less than 2 hours away from Mumbai and is situated by the river Vaitarna. Highlights included the water park, huge play area, great food, a delightful gazal night, late night chat with friends while all four kids slept with grandparents!

the (overcrowded) water park
 Anurag's bithday cupcakes after the kids' afternoon nap
 Beautiful sunset by the river

 Morning playtime in the play ground
The outing was the perfect celebration for Anurag as it included all the essentials - close friends and family, outdoor play, cake and water play!

PS: On a related note, I couldn't help but think about the contradictions in my life during my stay at the resort where on one hand, I enjoyed the setting by the river and the kids' play at the water park and on the other hand, I noticed what I typically do in any of my work related field trip - women fetching water on the bank of the river (in what is a drought year) and multiple jackwells in the river bed to source drinking water for nearby villages. Hopefully, next year we can take the boys to a more natural setting to enjoy their special days.

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