Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time to vent

Life has suddenly become very busy and hectic. My work load had been steadily increasing at work since I re-joined after my maternity leave more than four months ago. It has now reached a level where I'm finding it truly challenging to maintain a balance between home and work. I feel like I'm being stretched in many directions. Fortunately, my work has become far more interesting than before, so I am actually enjoying the hours that I'm putting in. However, its difficult to sustain this with a little baby at home.
On the home front, little Kabir is now getting 3 new teeth (all upper teeth this time), and he seems to be in a lot of discomfort. He finds it difficult to sleep well at night. Which means very little sleep for me too.
I know this too is a part of being a mom, and I am trying to take it my stride the best I can. I do tend to get quite irritable at times - and the people closest to me (read: my husband & my parents) have to bear the brunt of it. But hopefully this phase won't last too long. The good news is that my parents are going to arrive from India this Friday. And I'm sure that will make all my troubles go away. Afterall isn't that what parents always do?! :-)

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roli said...

hey pooja,
i forgot about your blog, till i started seeing traffic into mine from yours :). thanks for including the link...

you have become some blogger :) and kabu has become some artist. i love his videos.

i am in the "when will I be done" phase. my mom's here which is super. i can vouch that when your parents come as well...things will seem much simpler.