Monday, August 11, 2008

Lonely three

Dadaji & Dadiji said their goodbyes and left this weekend. After almost eight months of having parents stay with us, its a lonely lonely feeling. LittleTiger has got used to getting spoilt by his grandparents, first by Nana-Nani and then by Dada-Dadi. And now he's just got us.

Yesterday was a difficult day, with all three of us trying to make sense of the silence & the vacuum left behind. Today, we are back to our work routine and busy lives with very little time to think of anything else. But my heart goes out to LittleTiger. He may forget the presence of his grandparents around him soon, but he will certainly miss the love & affection that was showered so generously on him.

I hope that LittleTiger can be with his grandparents soon and more often. And I pray that he will be fortunate enough to experience their presence and their love & wisdom for a long long time.

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