Friday, August 1, 2008

Pradosh Puja

Two days ago, Dadaji kept a special vrat and puja for LittleTiger.

This was the perfect opporutnity for LittleTiger to model in his dhoti-kurta that Dadi brought for him

He enjoyed the puja, and wanted to be as much "help" as possible (saying the mantra, offering fruit, water you can see for yourself)!


bhavna said...

OMG! Kabu looks so adorable in dhoti-kurta!

shaifali said...

srjjczqthis is really so sweet :) with dada dadi..and kabir is looking really handsome in the dhoti-kurta :))

Abha said...

kabu is looking really cute in the dhoti-kurta. Pooja, he is begining to look like Saurabh. In his dhoti kurta photo there is a hint of Saurabh's features.