Monday, November 29, 2010

Diwali Celebration

This year's Diwali was a special one for many reasons. It was Anurag's first Diwali and Kabir's first Diwali in India. It was also the first time Saurabh & I celebrated Diwali in India in more than a decade. It was made extra special by the fact that we celebrated it in Udaipur with both sets of grandparents. And the icing on the cake was that this year's Diwali also coincided with dadisa's 60th birthday! Here are some pictures.

Kabir with his first fuljhadi on Chhoti Diwali

The family celebration would have been complete if we would have had Kakku bua and Erroll fufaji with us. Incidentally, we had celebrated last year's Diwali with them in Portland. I realised I hadn't posted Diwali 2009 photos, so here are a few, only a year late!
Kabir, this time last year

Kabu with bua and fufaji

Our last Diwali get-together with friends in Portland

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