Sunday, February 1, 2009

Terrified baby

Kabir happens to be terrified of the pressure cooker and this video captures a daily occurrence in our home. His eyes are fixated on the cooker and although you can't hear the cooker whistle very clearly, you can definitely see the reaction.


Abha said...

awwwwwwww..Arushi is the same way. She cries everytime the pressure cooker whistle blows unless somebody is sitting with her that she can cling to.

Gunjan said...

awww..poor thing!!

Anonymous said...

You know Pooja... Kabir reminds me of my childhood... Even now I am scared of Pressure Cooker whistle... I have no idea why but I get paranoid when the whistle goes off... Runs in the family..

Nandita M said...

Arre bechara Kabu..btw. Kabu has a new fan. My niece Shreya. She loved watching his videos on your blog. And kept saying "waapas daalo. Kitna cuuute hai. America mein hai?"

Anonymous said...

hey pooja

wish the lil kabu a happy birthday.. god he is 1 now :)
what special celebrations happened there?