Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday wishes

Kabir turns one today. What a special year this has been!

Until yesterday we were so busy preparing for Kabir's birthday party that I really didn't have any time to reflect on the past year. But since then I have been continuously thinking about what had happened this time last year and recalling how it felt the first time I had laid my eyes on Kabir.

I have a vivid memory of that moment - the image of a crying baby held up by the doctor so I could see him for the very first time. I wasn't allowed to hold him at once since they were still working on stitching me back up after the c-section. The second time I saw him, he was already clean and neatly wrapped in a blanket. He looked calm and serene. Saurabh held him next to me and I could do nothing but cry uncontrollably. It was only after about half hour or so, that I finally got Kabir all to myself for the very first time. He was so fragile and so precious. Since then, I have relived this day a countless number of times.

What followed was a lot of craziness, tears and laughter, excitement and scares. While Kabir has certainly grown a lot since then, I too have grown from a nervous mother to a confident one. And even though today is definitely Kabir's day, we can't forget what a big milestone this is for Saurabh and me as we celebrate one year of our parenthood and the start of our own family.

Happy birthday baby. Here's wishing you a long, healthy and fulfilling life!


Abha said...

Cheers to Kabir!!

Shiva said...

Happy birthday to dear Prakhar. Was remembering the day when we had Pooja's first birthday celebration. It seems only yesterday. Life has moved so fast. I wish all the best to Prakhar and 'one year old' parents and grand parents :)

Smita said...

Happy B'day Kabbu. 1st b'day is definitely a big milestone for parents to celebrate. Congrats to parents. Write more about his b'day party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pooja...a very happy birthday to Kabir... I sent you a mail as well on 9th... Wish him all the happiness and love...
- Poonam