Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kabu talking trash

A few days ago, Kabu started saying one word repeatedly- "kutta". We were surprised and embarrassed about how he had picked up this word. He would say it in front of us and our friends and we would have to explain that "no, he didn't pick this from us". Until finally Saurabh decoded it. He was only trying to say "good job" (which he does hear a lot from us) and was mispronouncing it!

Below is my lame attempt at trying to make him say "good job" so I can save it on video and show him later when he grows up.


Abha said...

haaa haaa..
This is so cute..

Parul Gupta said...

dear pooja .. stumbled upon abha's blog on arushi first and through it, yours about Kabir. he is totally adorable! sorry, i have been out of touch .. a very belated congratulations to both of you :)