Sunday, November 30, 2008

On his own two feet

I have loads of pictures to share from the Hawaii trip but I'm sure it will take me time to sort through them all. For now, I want to share some really special ones. These pictures are the first ones of Kabir standing on his own. Of course this wasn't the first time he stood without support, but it was the first time that he stood long enough (3-4 minutes) for us to be able to get some good shots. Taken on 11/23/08 in Wailua, Hawaii.

What attracted him in the first place was my colorful plate of veg lasagna. Since I was holding the plate high above his head, he decided to stand up to take a good look. I ended up sharing a good portion of that lasagna with him!


Shiva said...

Very Good. Congratulations. Good show.

ligne said...

wow..he is growing up so fast !

Shiva said...

looking forward to more pictures of your trip!! chotu, is so cute.