Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween special

For his first Halloween, Kabu was dressed as a little bunny. We threw a Halloween party at our home where not just Kabu & his little friends were dressed in their costumes, but also many of our friends who made the evening special by coming dressed in fun & spooky outfits.
warm and fuzzy bunny
swift as a bunny
Here's a side view
with papa-daddy-cool and mommy-the-kitty
you can see who the real devil is :-)bunny's friends: Winnie the Pooh, baby tiger, tiny pea pod and a cute devilAnd a group picture!

Planning for Kabu's first Halloween was nothing but fun. I had always wanted to knit a cute hat with bunny ears for Kabu so this was the perfect excuse. Once the hat was knit though, I began looking for the perfect costume to match the hat (if I were smarter I would have knit the hat after finding a costume). And when no matching bunny costume could be found, I was forced to sew one. I have absolutely NO skill when it comes to sewing, but its not that Kabu could have complained :-)
Notice the paper cutting of my "vision" to help cut the fabricit soon ended up being a free-for-all where even my cousin Mohit joined inBunny's left leg under construction


Nandita M said...

Kabu looks so cute in the bunny outfit. I am soo impressed with your stitching!! Mom and dad also looking super cool :).

Abha said...


cho choo chweet. Needless to say Kabu looks very cute and most important very comfy in his bunny outfit. I am super impressed with the stitching. For some reason the picture where you have the paper cutting reminded me of the IIT days..your would have the same expression when trying to figure out the tutorial problems :)
and I have to say that Daddy is looking super cool!! :)

Unknown said...

Enthu man.. Enthu.. knitting a cap, stiching haloween dress.. wow... I am impressed.