Friday, November 7, 2008

For the record

A quick post to note that yesterday, for the first time, Kabir was able to stand without any support for about 10 seconds or so. He made at least 3 attempts yesterday. The first time he stood up and left all support, I screamed in excitement which alarmed him and he immediately went down on his bottom. The next time I even had a camera in my hand, yet in my excitement I wasn't able to take any good picture. The third time, he stood for at least 10 seconds and was quite steady too. But then he got ambitious and attempted to start walking towards me. I think that he even took a step or two himself, but it all happened so fast that I wasn't sure at the end if it had really happened or if I had imagined it. In any case, I'm sure that within a month or so we'll see big progress on this front. So just for the record - Yesterday, just shy of his 9 month birthday, Kabu was able to stand without support for the very first time! Yay!!

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