Monday, March 21, 2016

learning division

Recently Anurag overheard Kabir and me discussing a division problem. He promptly asked that he wanted to learn division too. So I said

Me - its pretty easy. Let's take an example. When I get anything home, say chocolates (which I never do), Kabir and you insist that the chocolates be shared equally between you two, right? So if I had four chocolates, how many would each of you get?
Anurag - Each of us would get two.
Me - Perfect! So that's division. Now lets try another one. If I got 6 chocolates and we had Anurag, Kabir and Rhiku (their friend) at home, how many would each get?
Anurag - Three.
Me - is that possible?
Anurag - Kabir gets three, I get three and Rhiku gets zero.

That's what we get for not stating our assumptions in the problem statement.

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