Friday, March 11, 2016

Birthday months

Past month has been busy with two birthdays in the house - Kabir's Feb 9th and Anurag's March 8th. They turned 8 and 6 respectively. We had fun parties for each of them. Since I'm terribly behind in catching up with the pics, here are just a few of Anurag's birthday from my phone.

Best friends for life
loving cards from friends
cake-cutting at home
(notice the cake)
Kabir with his best friend M - they baked this cake together for Anurag without any adult supervision (except for the frosting where M's mom helped them)
Celebration in Anurag's school. They have this ritual of going around the candle to signify that he's been around the sun 6 times so far
Cake-cutting at Anurag's school

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