Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Barot - Lohardi - Swaar photo journey

Who: Anurag, Kabir, Vishal, Saurabh and me
When: 9, 10, 11 May 2015
Route: Mandi -> Ghatasni-> Barot-> Lohardi-> Swaar and back

At the Mandi bus depot waiting for Vishal bhaiya to appear so we can catch the bus to Ghatasni

At a dhaba in Ghatasni from where we caught the connecting bus to Barot

 At Sachin homestay in Barot where we spent one night
 outside the PWD rest house in Barot

 A view of the Barot barrage constructed by the British.  Uhl and Lumbha Khad rivers meet here
 Trying to race up the tracks of the trolley built by the British while constructing the barrage. Vishal is already up at the incline which is probably about 60 degrees or so

 On the trail from Lohardi (which is a short bus ride from Barot) to Swaar

 We stop for a chat with a local shepherd

 Tasting the mountain water
 The forest rest house

A walk in the village in the evening
Do you spot a sheep?
a warm room in the night

 Breakfast in the morning (Pradeep tau even arranged for a gas stove and cylinder for us instead of the chulha)

 And the walk back (a smiling Anu even though he felt sick in the night)
Mules carrying bricks for the new school building in Swaar

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