Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Neil Island

We spent two days on Neil Island after our stay in Havelock.  On the first day we rented bicycles and went around the island (riding double-seat on two bicycles!). We visited the natural rock formation and saw the sunset there. On our way back we stopped at the local market for some stuff. As my advisor says - local markets are one of the best places to learn about a new place. The market was fascinating (no pictures unfortunately!). Men played a game similar to carrom. There was ofcourse a big fish market. Lots of coconuts, different fruits and vegetables (some local and some brought in from the main land, some that we couldn't recognize), a variety of local elaichi-banana that we hadn't seen before, cheap trinkets and some souvenirs. 
Breakwater and Harish Bhai (the owner), were absolute gems. And we thoroughly enjoyed this little back-packers' shack. 
At Breakwater Anu fell in love with a month-old puppy. He fed him, carried him, played with him, and made him nap. Finally when it was time to leave, he cried for the little one and made us promise that some day, we'll get a puppy for him.

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