Monday, November 24, 2014

School fair

This weekend KG School celebrated its 50th year anniversary with a fun fair for all campus kids.
Anu posed with his favourite teachers.
With Harshada teacher - Anu's class teacher from LKG (also Kabu's LKG class teacher). She's Anu's favourite even though she's no longer his class teacher in UKG. He says that she is the most beautiful teacher ever.

With Sarita teacher and Tejaswini teacher. Sarita was Kabu's UKG class teacher.

Making a beautiful pot on the potters wheel
 Watching "lakh" bangle-making - Anu wanted to get one for each of his teachers
 A pink dolphin (to match Harshada teacher's tattoo) and a scary dragon tattoo
And many other fun games!

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