Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sonamarg - Anurag's first trek

We stayed in Sonamarg for a day. The drive to Sonamarg from Pahalgam was about 6 hours long with a lunch break in Srinagar. The kids did well on the drive. We passed countless Army trucks/ convoys on our way and the kids found them to be fascinating. 

Sonamarg was beautiful and the weather was cold, but very comfortably so. We stayed at the glacier height hotel for the night. In the morning, once the rains stopped, we checked out from the hotel and started for the Thajiwas Glacier. We were hoping to trek to the glacier but since we were unsure about the conditions due to the rain (and also the boys' enthusiasm for it), we decide to take the mule-service instead. The trail was about 5km (easy but muddy and wet) and we let the mules go once we reached close to the glacier (not without an unpleasant argument with the mule-waalahs). Once at the top, Kabir and Saurabh played in the snow/ice for some time while I took some pictures. After a couple of hours we stared back. We were quite certain that Kabir would have no problem with the 5 km, but were pleasantly surprised that Anurag too walked more than 4km and that too very happily! After that he was so tired that he fell asleep the moment Saurabh started carrying him in his arms.

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