Saturday, April 7, 2012

Long weekend

It is a 4 day weekend for us this week. In the US, we used to plan our long weekends way in advance but here since long weekends are in abundance, they have lost their charm. In fact it wasn't until last week that I even realised that we had a long weekend coming this week. Yet, the weekend has turned out to be special so far.

On Thursday we all hired a car and spent the day in Colaba/TIFR. Took the kids to Gateway of India, shopped at Colaba Causeway, visited some family friends at TIFR and stopped at the Taraporewala aquarium on our way back. It was a fun day and the kids had a wonderful time.

Anurag with Anita at the Gateway

The aquarium was a bit of a disappointment for me but was good enough for the kids. Kabu's favourite exhibit was the huge whale skeleton on display and he couldn't stop asking questions on how and why the whale had died and how the skeleton came out of the whale. Anu on the other hand was mesmerised by the "totos" (turtles).

On Friday, we got together with Ankur and family. It was great catching up after 12 years!

This morning (Saturday) Kabir and I went swimming. I've been trying to teach him swimming for a while now but I've been going really slow to make sure that he enjoys himself. Today he made a huge leap and left hold of me for the first time and floated by himself only holding on to a floating board (and not wearing any floats). Ofcourse I had to cheat and let go of the board quietly but he was thrilled when he discovered that he could float and move without my help and refused to take my help thereafter. I have signed him up for a swimming camp starting Monday, so I hope this will make him more confident.

Saurabh left for a short US trip tonight, so the next 10 days don't look as exciting. Lets just hope that the kids manage to stay out of trouble and sickness and don't have any middle-of-the-night meltdowns till we have all hands on deck.

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