Tuesday, April 3, 2012


In case this blog gives an impression that I'm in control of this parenthood stuff, here are some lesser-known facts that I'm not so proud of

-I can't get Anurag to brush his teeth regularly (even say once a week).

- I have never managed to give any supplements to the boys - calcium, iron, anything. They resist it and I have stopped fighting the battle.

-I have been too laid-back with the vaccine schedule for the boys. Anurag still hasn't got his 18 months shots yet and Kabir is overdue for his Typhoid vaccine. One of my excuses is that there hasn't been a period longer than a week when Anurag hasn't been sick or recovering from sickness in the last few months. Moreover, unlike how things worked in the US, I don't have pre-scheduled appointments with the pediatrician forcing me to stick to the schedule.

- Kabu was day time potty trained by 18 months and I thought I was brilliant for making that happen. At 2, Anurag still refuses to sit on a potty and Kabu got out of night-time diapering only recently.

- I love to bake cakes, muffins and cookies for the boys. And then I am forced to eat them myself so they don't over indulge. And oh, I usually eat most of the chocolates meant for my kids.


Meera said...

Dear Pooja!
Thank you for your wonderful blog. I read it often since I have a 3.5year old daughter and your valuable experiences serve as a guide post for me.

Since you wrote about potty training your sons I have a question for you...my daughter is completely trained for the day time, but night time is another issue. She hates wearing diapers at night AND refuses to try to pee on the potty at night. This has resulted in a lot of wet mattresses.

Could you please write a blog post on how you potty trained your older son, especially at night. And if I may ask what brand of night time diapers do you use?

Thanks once again, if you don't write a blog post do email me an answer at meera.cruz@gmail.com.
Thanks in advance! Love u! Don't stop writing! U r naturally gifted!

Pooja said...

Hi Meera, Thank you so much for your comment and for your kind words! I used to use the pull-up style diapers for Kabir at night. (a brand called Mamy Poko). I didn't try to get Kabu out of night time diapering for the longest time as my younger one needed more attention at night. So it was only in the last 2-3 months that I started making the effort (triggered by a day when we found ourselves out of diapers at home). In our case, what helped was that Kabir really wanted to get out of nighttime diapers. To begin with, I made him pee 2-3 times during the night. I gradually realised that I only need to make him go once around 1am and then he usually does ok. Still there are nights when there are accidents or I forget to make him go in which case only the sheet gets wet as I've covered our mattress with a plastic sheet, underneath the bedsheet. I hope this helps!