Friday, July 29, 2011

Udaipur visit - Monsoon 2011

Today is our last day of vacation in Udaipur before we head back to Mumbai tomorrow. Ths kids enjoyed themselves a lot this time. Kabir has bonded very well with dadosa and dadisa and can spend the entire day with them without asking for me. And Anurag loves the sprawling house and the yard to walk around in all day and explore new things.
We did the usual things - boating on lake Fatehsagar, coffee and icecream at the lakeside stall, a day of shopping at Hathipol, walks around the house and to the river and eating a lot of good food at home. In addition, Kabir went out with dadosa almost everyday to the local fields and playgrounds and also spent a day at the zoo. As always, dadisa made a whole lot of good food- patre, khaman dhoklas, handva, maki ki dhokle and muthiye to name a few. This was my first time visiting Udaipur during the monsoons and it was beautiful!
On the terrace

Anu and dadisa

Icecream by Fatehsagar

Anu with Mira didi

With Pinky, Meera and Khamani didi in their khet
Exploring the backyard


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