Sunday, July 24, 2011

One year since our move

It has now been a year since we returned back to India (as of July 10th). In this year we have come a very long way, physically and figuratively, from our life back in Portland. So much so that it is hard to believe that it has only been a year since we moved.

On this occasion, I want to post a really special video. This was recorded by Izabella and Iren last year in Portland. Kabir spoke fluent Hungarian at that time. Recently, when I showed this video to Kabir his response was, "What is this kid saying?". To me, nothing can be a better reminder of how much life has changed for us in the last year.

I get teary-eyed whenever I watch this video. We were packing our belongings in our home at that time and Iren had taken Kabir over to Izabella's house. In the video, Kabir first recites all his favorite nursery rhymes. Then he tells Izabella that he is going to leave for India in an aeroplane and finally he says goodbye to Izabella, Detti, Arpi and Iren - his second family in Portland.

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Shiva said...

Personally, I find every move painful (especially when it is to such a far distance) even though it might be full with hopes and ambitions for future. For all of you it was even a brave move. The main question is whether you still feel happy with this move.

I am reminded of a day when we made somewhat similar move 31 years back. But for us we had never made a 'home' abroad neither emotionally nor careerwise. Now that I am sure that the move was for good, I wonder what you shall be feeling after 30 years.

Wish you all the best.