Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kabir turns 3!

It has been an exciting week in our household. It's Kabir's birthday week! He had three celebrations this time. One party thrown by nana-nani for their friends, one celebration at school and a small get together at our home for Kabir's little friends.

Kabu picked out a Thomas Train cake for the first party.

I used my favorite eggless chocolate-banana cake recipe to bake his cake for the party at home (since its impossible for any cake to not be a hit with kids!)

The kids played and created ruckus like they should.

Dadosa and dadisa also arrived yesterday from Udaipur in time for the celebration. Kabir certainly enjoyed all the attention that he got on his birthday!


Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Kabir - wishing him another year of joy and freedom before school happens :)

ann said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Kabir! Looks like you guys are pretty much settled in.