Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Quiz

Last year I posted this on Kabir's birthday. On similar lines, here's a birthday quiz for this year. We played this during Kabu's birthday party at home. Here goes:

A. Which of the following did Kabir NOT do in the last year?
1- Empty a tube of toothpaste and paint himself with it
2- Try to roll Anurag off his bed
3- Stealthily nibble on freshly baked muffins in someone else’s kitchen
4- Stay with his grandparents for an evening in our absence

B. Which of the following did Kabir finally start doing this year
1. Sleeping through the night
2. Playing by himself
3. Gladly sharing his toys
4. Eating his meals without a fuss

C. You can tell that Kabir is a great “big brother” figure because
1. He fights with other kids to reclaim Siddhant’s toys
2. He monitors Advait in restaurants and sincerely announces his concerns
3. He cries when Anurag gets his vaccines
4. All of the above

D. What are Kabir's favourite haunts on the campus
1. Coffee shack
2. Sishu Vihar
3. Guest House
4. Sarovar Udyan

E. To go from from Staff hostel to Main gate, Kabir’s most preferred mode of transport would be:
1. His red scooter
2. Nanaji’s car
3. Tum-tum
4. Papa’s bicycle

F. What does Kabir want to be when he grows up
1. Astronaut
2. Chef
3. Doctor
4. Train driver

G. Which of the following has Kabir NOT been obsessed about at any point in the last year?
1. Big yellow dumper truck
2. Mixer trucks
3. The moon
4. Red scooter
5. Cleaning up after himself

A-4 :We're still waiting for the day when the two kids will happily stay behind with grandparents to give us an occasional break.
B-1,2,4 :Kabir finally started sleeping through the night this year. I had sincerely started doubting if this would ever happen. He has stopped needing constant attention and spends considerable time playing alone with his toys or "reading". He has also become reasonably good about mealtimes and I have finally stopped worrying about what to cook as he will eat almost anything that we cook for ourselves. For all these reasons, this past year has been a true milestone year!
C-4: Kabir happens to be the oldest kid in his circle of close friends and he certainly acts that way!
D-1: He loves to go to the coffee shack to eat Maggi noodles. Home-cooked Maggi does not cut it for him.
E-3: Tum-tums are small buses that runs on various routes inside the IIT campus. Kabir likes to sit on the back seat and loves it when the bus goes over speed-bumps. At home, he runs his own fleet of tum-tums all day and gladly offers ride to wherever you may wish to go.
F: At the time the quiz was prepared, Kabir wanted to be a train driver. But during his birthday party when someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up, his answer had changed to "Pilot".
G-5 He continues to be obsessed with trucks (any kind), planes, trains and rockets. He is simply in awe of the moon and its phases. His red scooter is his favorite ride-on toy and you will rarely spot him outdoors without it. And we have never had a problem of obsession with cleanliness in this house!

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Abha said...

Hey Happy Birthday to Kabbu!
Hope he had a blast...Time flies!