Friday, January 15, 2010

More misc India pics

I'm still sorting through the 1000+ photos we took during our India trip. And since I know I'll never get around to posting these if I try to wait till I get them organized, I'm just going to post some misc pictures every now and then. Here are some more of my favorite ones.
Morning chai time in Udaipur

Some more pics from the wedding in Sumerpur

Posing with nanosa (Kabir's great grand-father) in Sumerpur
With chhote-dadosa (Saurabh's chachaji) in Pune
Playing ghoda-ghoda with chhote dadosa and Shoru chachu

Chatting with par-dadosa (Saurabh's paternal grandfather)

1 comment:

Abha said...

Pooja, I love love these pics. esp. The one in which he is on Saurabh's lap and all the pics with you in the lehanga...
but, the last one with Kabu and his great grand-father is priceless!!!
You shld frame it.